Why you need us | Cancercise

Why you need us:

We want you to feel good and live well


We have a vast amount of anecdotal evidence that tells us that people on their cancer journey feel better when they do appropriate exercise. But we also have clear research that shows the benefits. Professor Robert Thomas’s book ‘Lifestyle and Cancer. The Facts’ has a wealth of information about cancer and lifestyle and a large part of the book is dedicated to exercise. Prof Thomas quotes studies that show that have proven that 'patients who exercise regularly are associated with a lower risk of their cancer returning and generally surviving longer.’ If you chose to work with us we will guide you to more research and make sure that the exercise regime you have is the right one for you.

The people we work with have often had surgery and some treatment (they may still be having treatment ) and they long to get their bodies back. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle will help with this.


We can help with tips on eating healthily that will fit with your lifestyle. Ideas for a great breakfast, snacks, a filling lunch and a tasty supper. We will listen to your food choices and give you ideas for little changes that will make a big difference. We will share recipes for great meals that will encourage you to eat a lovely balanced diet


Using up to date research we will advise you on the best ways to get a decent night’s sleep. We know we need good sleep but after cancer its not always easy – we have hints to help.


We know that being on a cancer journey is stressful. We have find ways to reduce our stress and we can help you to find your own techniques. We can't make it perfect but we can help you to make it better.