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World Cancer Research Fund

We are great supporters of the World Cancer Research Fund. They have lots of leaflets that are really useful sources of information on a variety of cancer topics.

They produce a newsletter (called ‘informed’) quarterly for health care professionals with a variety of articles on the latest research into aspects of cancer care.

In the current issue (No71) our cancer circuit class is featured. We run a class twice a week for people who are on their cancer journey. It has proved to be very popular; people come to us at any stage of their cancer journey and we can adapt the exercises to their own level of fitness.

As well as the obvious benefits of raised levels of fitness, those who attend tell us that exercise lifts their mood and boosts their confidence too.

You might not be able to find a circuit class near you – be we are always available to help and support you on your fitness journey – just give us a call.

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