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Waiting is hard

Are you struggling?


As I write this we are still in partial lockdown because of COVID 19.  Some cancer screening has been delayed, some tests are delayed and with that, some delay in getting diagnosed.

Added to that, surgery is a backlogged and not all treatments are starting as soon as before.  I guess it all feels scary and a bit out of control.

First of all, be assured that hospitals are doing all they can to catch up (talk to your treatment team if you are worried) but also, bear in mind that there are things that you can do in the mean time.

Keeping fit is one of them and if you need help with that – just contact us and we can give you lots of advice.

Eating well will definitely help as will stopping smoking and cutting down on alcohol.  If you need tips on a healthy lifestyle – drop us an email and we will be in touch.

Yes, waiting is difficult – but we can help you to help yourself.


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