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Pre Hab

Do you know about pre hab?


Sadly, we are waiting longer than usual for cancer treatments at the moment – that’s for surgery, chemotherapy and for radiotherapy.

I said in my last blog that there are things that you can do – and I have been thinking about that a lot.

Here’s the deal – if you are waiting for cancer treatment – I can help with a  special deal.

I can offer you ten half hour sessions for just £200.  You chose when you take them and if you get to start your treatment before they are all used up – then we just carry them over to help with your recovery.

In the sessions we can look together at your lifestyle; particularly your food, your exercise and your sleep.  I can give you hints and tips to help you to be as healthy as possible before your surgery or chemo.  Alongside that (and included in the price) using skype, I will guide you through some exercises that will help to gain stamina and strength which we know will make your recovery as speedy as possible.


Just contact me and we can make a start!

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