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How do we resist handing ourselves over to the doctors?

How do we resist handing ourselves over to the doctors?  I have recently been in hospital (not with cancer but I was pretty ill) and I very nearly gave up.  I don’t mean that I gave up trying to keep alive but that I just waited to be told what to do.  The lovely tea lady started my day and from then on it was the routine of the ward.  Intravenous antibiotics, drug rounds, breakfast (its arrival announced by the ringing of a bell), washes and so it went on.  A routine that I quickly slipped into.  It was easy and safe.  But I forced myself – when my youngest son or my husband came in I was determined to leave my bed.  I struggled to walk to the end of the ward on my first attempt and gradually managed to get off the ward and down to the coffee shop.  It would have been so easy to not bother.  To take on the sick role and leave it like that.

And since I have been home I have pushed hard.  I really wanted to stay in bed all day.  and some days I did.  But I got up and got on with it.  I walked the dog (he wondered whatever was going on as we crept round the block) and I started to exercise.  Now I know what to do – I’m a nurse and a personal trainer.  How much harder if you don’t know how to stay safe.  That awful dilemma –‘ if I do this exercise will I damage myself?’   We all need help and we are ready to help you – get in contact and we’ll get you back up to speed.  The doctors do a great job treating you but you can get your body back and we can show you how.

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