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Obesity causes cancer

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) recently said that ‘bowel, kidney ovarian and liver cancers are more likely to have been caused by being overweight than by smoking tobacco’.

There was an outcry from people who thought that CRUK was ‘fat shaming’ – but actually all they are doing is reporting the facts.

CRUK says that being overweight or obese causes around 22,800 cases of cancer each year. Smoking causes 54,300 cases per year. The very worrying aspect is that smoking rates are decreasing but that obesity is increasing. Being overweight or obese does not mean that a person will definitely develop cancer but it does raise the risk.
Becoming overweight is a complex process, influenced by childhood eating habits, the availability of fast food and of high sugar foods. People often feel too busy to cook from scratch and consider that they can’t afford healthy alternatives.

We can help you to take a look at what you eat and suggest healthy alternatives that don’t cost the earth. We can guide you through the masses of information and help you to devise and eating plan that works for you and your family.

You don’t have to be overweight and we can help you – contact us today to get started on your healthy lifestyle and reduce your risk of developing cancer.

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