Cancercise | Exercise for cancer patients and survivors

Cancercise for cancer patients and survivors

We know that being affected by cancer can be really tough.

We know that from personal experience and from what hundreds of people that we have worked with have told us.

We know how difficult it is to get on with your life when you are dealing with cancer. We also know it is very difficult to know what to do for the best. You probably know that you should do some exercise but you’re not at all sure what you can do that won’t to make things worse. You want to eat healthily but would really like some guidance. You feel stressed and you’re not sleeping well. We are able to offer support and guidance with all aspects of lifestyle recovery.

We can help

Using years of professional experience we can listen to your journey so far, make an informed assessment and work with you to draw up a plan to help you to feel good and live well.

We can contact your GP or your consultant (with your approval) and check out anything that you’re not sure about and draw up a safe and effective exercise plan. We will send your work out to you (by video or annotated pictures) and check that you are happy with it. We will monitor progress and adjust as you gain strength.

We will send you healthy eating tips, recipes and give sound research based advice on tackling stress and sleeping well.

Depending on the option you choose, we can meet virtually with you weekly or chat to you frequently during each week. Help is never far away.


Ready to start to feel good and live well?

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